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Paternity/Maternity DNA Testing

Paternity/Maternity DNA testing is done when an individual and a child need to establish if they have a biological relationship.


The standard paternity/maternity DNA testing is done by collecting a sample from the mother, child, and father(s). Paternity/maternity testing is done by a buccal (oral mouth) swab from the cheek of each donor.


Testing can be done without one of the donors and with the use of other DNA sources however this testing method is not as accurate and cannot be used for Legal Paternity DNA Testing.


Legal Paternity DNA Testing is often used to establish parenthood of an individual for a court case such as child support, social security, medical benefits, Veteran benefits, or child custody. Legal Paternity DNA Testing is also used to add a biological parent to a birth certificate. Legal Paternity Testing must be completed at our clinic. Proper chain of custody is used to meet the mandatory legal requirements for this testing to be admissible in court. The Legal DNA Paternity Test is a legal document for court purposes.

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